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Who knows the reality of Obama’s GHG rules? Nobody…that’s who

usepaOK, it’s been about two weeks since the US EPA promulgated its draft of the new GHG emission rules.  Rules that might take hold two-four years from now (unless lawsuits delay it).  It’s about 600 pages long with about 5,000 pages of notes so we all know what they mean now, right?


Here is an AP story that gives a pretty good rundown of the different opinions on the rules and the realities of those opinions.  Suffice it to say that lots of groups have amazing predictive powers that seem to be in their best interest but no one really knows the outcomes.

There are 120 days before public comment is due and I’m hoping my Energy Council members help us get above the sound bites and guide us to make suggestions based on realities to ensure the rules will help with transitioning over time rather than transforming over a few years.  Our economy’s need for a sound electricity marketplace is too great to mess with with radical changes forced by government action.  The market can adapt…but finding that perfect balance will not be easy.  Just ask the EPA folks who drafted the rules!

Meanwhile, let’s keep reading the regs and see what they really say!

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