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US EPA Says US GHG Emissions Down in 2012 — Why?

Readers of my blog know that I try to link today’s energy headlines with some pithy, punny or otherwise lame pop-culture reference.  But you know what, I could think of anything creative when I saw that the United States EPA released its report on US greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and found that:

a) GHG emissions in 2012 are down 10% since 2005

b) GHG emissions in 2012 are down 3.4% from 2011.

Why? (as in why did the emissions decrease….not why didn’t I think of anything creative)  There is never only one reason, but the main reasons cited by the US EPA are a decrease in energy consumption, a switch from coal to natural gas in the electricity generation sector and increased fuel efficiency in transportation vehicles.

As we head closer and closer to the self-imposed June 1 deadline for US EPA rules on GHG emissions from current sources, it’s good to know we’ve already created momentum in tampering down GHG emissions without breaking a sweat. The stats conceded that 1/3 of our countries GHG emissions comes from electricity generation.  We’ll see what comes next and how much time and flexibility the US EPA gives…and how it might (or might not) affect our whole economy.  Perhaps by June I will have figured out something fun to link GHG emissions to…perhaps.

Sources of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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