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They put the GREEN in Walgreen’s!

walgreen's logoMen generally think about colors very simply.  The ivy at Wrigley Field is green.  Money is green.  Women generally think about shades of colors.   I’ve been married 19 years now so I’ve hear of light green, hunter green, etc.

Walgreen’s has decided to look at a bunch of shades of green as they announced the opening of its first net-zero energy retail storein Evanston, Illinois today.  Using energy efficiency materials and techniques, along with wind, solar and geothermal power (all on-site), the store hopes to generate more electricity than it uses.

Here is a link to the press release from Walgreen’s.

This is a very cool shade of green that Walgreen’s is doing.  They know this particular store was more expensive to build than a “regular” Walgreen’s outlet.  But they see this as an investment to see what works and what could work better so they can incorporate the good “green” things into more of their outlets and save energy (and money!).

Congrats to Walgreen’s for their efforts and I look forward to sneaking up to Evanston to look at the store (and perhaps shop for a few things I need at home).





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