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Is “Promised Land” a bunch of hot air?

promised land 2 Let’s face it, Hollywood doesn’t have a great track record when it comes to getting historical events protrayed acurately.  Movies that are based a true story often end up simply being stories we wish were true.

Even stories based in historical events (i.e. Argo) are changed to make them more interesting to the movie-goer.  That’s because in real life sometimes things are boring, plodding and annoying:  three things a movie cannot be!

Which brings me to Promised Land.  The movie that talks about new gas exploration in Pennsylvania.  I’m not going to review the movie because I haven’t seen it.  It got panned by the critics and I have several more important things to do in my life than see a bad movie. 

But I have been drawn to all the coverage of the movie’s plot and how it does (or doesn’t) accurately portray how hydraulic fracturing issues are handled in select areas of our country.  Here’s an article from the Youngstown News (PA) about pro-gas producing folks taking out ads so they can showcase the distortions in the movie. 

I wish we lived in a society that was smart enough to know that something shown in a Hollywood movie is most likely distorted.  But we don’t.  You might remember in the movie “Sideways” the main wine-loving charater mentioned how he hated merlots…and merlot sales slumped for months.  Does that make any sense?

Given that kind of reality I appreciate the efforts of the industry to ensure that one movie’s dramatic portrayal doesn’t end up getting confused with reality.  It’s an annoying battle for sure, but worth it.

If you end up seeing the movie, my advice is to not base your views on hydraulic fracturing  (pro or con) from what you see in the movie.  Did parents didn’t stop having their kids pledge to frats after watching Animal House?

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